Bob Wazneh

Bob Wazneh



Name is Bob Wazneh.

I build & grow companies.


Currently focusing on helping
traditional businesses integrate Web3 & Blockchain in their ecosystem.

Serial entrepreneur and the dynamic General Manager at CJN (Citizen Journalism Network), valued at $200M, home to the world’s largest Audio show with 2.5 Billion monthly views and 15M monthly listeners.


Leading the charge at IBC Ventures, a prominent web3 incubator and accelerator incubating 200+ ventures valued at $20M+.


As the Co-Founder of WeAreGrowthHackers, the largest growth hacking agency, which seamlessly merged with IBC Ventures in 2021, Bob brings a wealth of expertise in driving business growth.


In 2022,  influence reached new heights as I earned recognition as one of the most influential crypto figures in the MENA region.


Currently, actively seeking to broaden my impact by taking on strategic advisory roles, offering my experience to startups and established companies alike, helping them navigate the journey of growth and scaling.


Businesses Involved in


How it all started

Bobz Solutions


My First Business

Started the entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 and setup my first IT and marketing agency when I hit 21.


IT Consultant


Consultancy Began

Apparently the market appreciated my IT skills so I started getting an increased influx of calls from companies to get me as a consultant for their IT infrastructure and digital marketing.



What's wrong with me?


Failure after Failure

With the entrepreneurial mindset I carried along, I committed to different business models including and not limited to, Affiliate Marketing, Real Estate Development, B2B  platform,etc... 

They were all great lessons that prepared me to the pivot that happened next.

It's about time


My First Million

Covid hit, and I had only 2 words in my mind: Level Up

This is were I started looking for new ventures and partnerships until I found a compatible business partner that joined forces with me to launch the biggest growth hacking agency. In less than 6 months, we scaled the business to 6 figures and then to 7 figures.


Take Over Web3


Level Up!!

It's 2021 Web3 picked up, I joined forces with IBC Group and utilized the power of growth hacking and pivoted the company to become one of the most famous incubator/accelerator in the space. We are currently incubating some of the biggest projects in the crypto industry and have launched The Roundtable , which is the biggest audio show running on X (twitter) spaces attracting 2.5 Billion monthly views and 15M listeners every week.


In 2022, I advised NFT Technologies which is a publicly listed company on the NEO exchange under the ticker NFT.


Currently, I'm accepting 6 advisory roles for 2024.


Dm your pitchdeck.




What I can do.

  • Speak at Events

    The story of a Lebanese man who growth hacked life has attracted multiple media outlets like market watch, Benzinga, MenaFn, EconomyBee, Funddings, PureEconomic, and others. I got invited to speak live on TV multiple time and on stage in AIBC Dubai.

    Currently focusing on expanding my network.

  • Mentorship & Life Coaching

    Since school and college days I've been known for having a leadership role to help out my classmates solve their issues. And since then I decided to take this skill to a next level by learning human behavior through my acquired life coaching and mentorship licenses. I use these skills within my personal life and the company life where I help employees level up and unlock their potential. 🧀

  • Salsa Dancing

    Okay, this might be out of context, but yea I dance  🕺and I love it.

    Started dancing in 2016 and been dancing non stop until this day. Social dancing helps me disconnect and enter my own bubble away from all troubles and stress. For example when we entered the bear-market, my partners freaked out and stressed and watched the chart go down second by second... Where as I was dancing 🙂 and came back with a clear mind and a solution on top of it.


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